Sunday, March 17, 2013

My Date Didn't Kill Me

Hello friends! It's been awhile! I have several things to catch up on so I will try to keep it short.

Shauna Comes To OKC

I had a great time showing Shauna the Sooner state a few weekends ago. I crammed a lot into three days including a first time trip (for both of us) to the Outlet malls, Cool Greens, a Thunder game, The Mantel, Pinkitzel, Pop's, KFOR-TV, Mama Rojas/Lake Hefner, and the Memorial/Myriad Gardens.

P.S. When Shauna first arrived she asked me, "have you heard of this Sweet Brown lady?" I smiled and said, "Heard of her? My news station CREATED her!"  Then I had double awesome bonus points in her book. Haha.

A Creeper Bought Me

So the main excuse to get Shauna to finally come to Oklahoma was for emotional support while being auctioned off for a great cause. I agreed to participate in "Single in the City." This was a fun event thrown by Oklahoma Magazine to raise money for the YMCA by auctioning off single Oklahomans.

One of my friends tried to bid on me but the auctioneer did not see him so I ended up being sold to a guy named Paree for $700.  My friend tried to buy out Paree but he refused.  He refused a large amount of money.  For this reason I gathered he was a creeper.  However, I am a woman of my word so I agreed to go on a date knowing there was a minimal chance I could be killed.

The Date

Paree and I went on our date to the restaurant Vast at the top of the Devon Tower.  He even greeted me with a rose!  Not only did he NOT murder me but he turned out to be a gentleman and did not make me uncomfortable.  We had a great time chatting.  This certainly taught me to not judge a book by its cover but I will still have my guard up in these situations as a young female.

Back in the saddle that is!

I finally contacted Coach Ryan and he is on his way to formulating a plan to accommodate the Memorial Half Marathon, Route 66 El Reno Sprint and Olympic Distance Triathlons and OKC Tour de Cure 100 mile bike ride. 
I am still not 100% motivated to start training. I am used to training during the hot summer months. I know, it's messed up.

Almost Beat By An 11 Year Old

On Saturday, March 9th I finished my first 5k.  I've done 5k's as a part of a sprint triathlon but never ran one by myself.  I agreed to do the First Annual Warrior Way 5k in Washington, Oklahoma.  The race benefits The Beller Foundation.  Although it was a cool, cloudy, wet and windy day, I had a great time at the race.  My friend Lindsey and her dog (kind of my niece) Maggie came along to do the 1 mile fun walk before the 5k race.

At 8:30am the gun went off and I started off at a fast pace.  Since I've never done an official 5k before I just had goal of pushing past my comfortable pace of 9:30 to 10 minutes/mile.  The course was an easy one, flat and out and back.  I had the wind at my back on the way out and slamming me in the face on the way back.  It made my eyes water and my nose run and I felt as if I was running through honey!

I tried my best to sprint near the finish line. I always know I'm pushing myself when I feel like I'm going to barf or have a heart attack.  I crossed the line and prevented myself from cursing!  After I recovered, Lindsey, Maggie and I ate some delicious cinnamon rolls from the only cafe in town, Altheas.  Delish! this mural politically correct?

I ended up getting 2nd overall!  That cracks me up because I don't consider myself much of a runner.  Although I don't enjoy feeling like I'm about to have a heart attack, I think 5k's are the way to go to improve my time.

   Warrior Way 5K Run
                    Washington OK - March 9th, 2013

                       OVERALL RESULTS - 5K WOMEN

Place Name                    Age City/state            Chiptime   Guntime    Pace  Cat Bib# 
===== ======================= === ===================== ========== ========== ===== === ==== 
    1 Amber Dubuc              31 Oklahoma City OK        24:10.68   24:19.52  7:50 AG   169 
    2 Emily Sutton             28 Oklahoma City OK        25:57.84   26:01.44  8:23 AG   150 
    3 Emma Brooks              11 Norman OK               26:15.56   26:17.41  8:28 AG   131 

A big THANK YOU to all of the race volunteers.  I think most of the town came out including the cheerleaders and high school band.  I would highly recommend doing this race in the future!
I think a TRIATHLETE put this sign up in Washington, OK :)

My next race is the Memorial Half Marathon!  Stay tuned for updates and have a fabulous week!