Thursday, April 24, 2014

Track is Hell

Please donate HERE to help fight leukemia and lymphoma!

Hello friends!

I hope everyone is doing well! Training for the IMAZ officially began 3 weeks ago and as I'm getting back into the routine of training I need to do the same for blogging. Sorry it's been awhile!

Catch Up

Dad, me &
Me & Aunt Liz!

The last week of March I visited Phoenix to join my parents for a visit with Aunt Liz.  Every day was sunny, warm and wonderful.  I went hiking or running, layed out by the pool and ate delicious food everyday! Rough life!  Just as a reminder, I am doing the Full Ironman in honor of my Aunt Liz who was diagnosed a few years ago with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia.  I found out that it is the most common type of leukemia in adults and there is no cure. My goal, with the help of my TEAM OKLAHOMA teammates, is to raise $200,000 and write a grant in my Aunt's name to the MIT David H. Koch Center for Integrative Cancer Research through The Go Mitch Go Foundation.

Launch Party

We moved the Mardis Gras Launch Party to Sunday, March 30.  A big thanks to everyone who showed up to support the cause. Thank you to Tapwerks, Coop Ale, Prairie Wolf Vodka, Garbanzo Mediterranean Grill, The Band Drive and all of our auction item donors! BOOM!

Here's what my Training Peaks App looks like.

Here is what a (brick) workout looks like.
Let the training begin!  My triathlon coach, Coach Ryan, is also the coach for GMG Team Oklahoma. Convenient!  So we are using a program called "Training Peaks." We train 6 days a week with 1 rest day.
Here's a picture of TEAM OKLAHOMA's first official practice!

Although I am in shape, I am definitely out of endurance shape. I know my teammates will challenge me.


Okay, I have a confession to make. I have been doing triathlons since 2011 and successfully avoided track workouts...until now.  A track workout usually involves a series of sprints to improve running speed and form.

If you've read previous posts, you are aware that running is my least favorite out of the 3.  So obviously track isn't a highlight of training.  However, I know to achieve a new, bigger goal I have to try new, challenging things!

I learned that 200m on a track is a half loop, or as I see it, a "candy cane."
Ladies represent! We ran while it was hailing! #legit

Track make me sore in places I wouldn't think would get sore. My stomach muscles hurt the next day and my legs are sore all the way to my butt! However, I know track will make me stronger in the long run. PUN INTENDED! Get it, long run?  Also, it tests my mental strength which is a big part of the Ironman.

That's all for now! I will try to keep up with the blog posts.  Please spread the word about The Go Mitch Go Foundation and if you haven't already, please donate HERE to help fight leukemia and lymphoma!