Saturday, July 13, 2013

El Reno Olympic Triathlon Forecast Update

Hello friends!  Here is a forecast update...showers and thunderstorms are likely tomorrow morning.  Be prepared for rain, possibly heavy rain during the race. There could be lightning in the vicinity.  You can check the latest radar at  On the plus side, temps will be in the 70's all day!  Best of luck and let's hope the rain stays light and the lightning stays away!

18Z NAM 4km (high res) showing possible future radar at 7AM...scattered t-storms.

18Z NAM 4km (high res) showing possible future radar at 9AM...storms likely.

Basically the rain will increase by mid-morning.  Thunderstorms are likely. Remember to not be outside when there is lightning. (Duh!)

Friday, July 12, 2013

El Reno Triathlons Forecast

Hello friends! It's time for the official El Reno Rout 66 Triathlon Forecast! Best of luck to all the athletes and thank you to all of the volunteers!
The two main weather hazards this weekend are heat (duh!) and thunderstorms/heavy rain Sunday morning.

Sunrise - 6:25am
6AM - 74 degrees, mostly clear, humid, SSE wind 10 mph
8AM - 76 degrees, mostly sunny, humid, SSE wind 10 mph
10AM - 86 degrees, mostly sunny, SSE 15 mph
12PM - 92 degrees, mostly sunny, S 15mph

Sunrise - 6:26am
6AM - 70 degrees, partly cloudy, SE 10-20 mph, storms likely
8AM - 74 degrees, partly cloudy, SE 10-20 mph, storms likely
10AM - 76 degrees, mostly cloudy, SE 15-25 mph, scattered thunderstorms
12PM - 77 degrees, mostly cloudy, SE 15-25 mph, scattered thunderstorms

2 different weather models are currently showing a complex of showers and thunderstorms around sunrise Sunday morning.  Don't believe me? Check it out...

This is the 12Z run of the UKMET, one of my go-to models, showing a complex of showers and thunderstorms over Central Oklahoma on Sunday at 12Z (7am local time). No bueno.
 Let's see if what the other model thinks...
Here is the 12Z run of the NAM for the same time.  Notice almost the same exact bulls eye over Central OK. This shows agreement between models giving me a higher confidence in my forecast of storms around sunrise Sunday.
Is it a guaranteed washout? No. Stay tuned. But I bet we will get rained on at some point Sunday. Let's just hope there isn't thunder nearby. Remember...

Here are a few great weather resources for the day of...
* for live streaming radar
* for current temps, wind speed, dew points, relative humidity, etc

See you at the race!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Please Be Kind, Rewind

Hello friends! Due to such a crazy spring I have not been able to write about my training/race experiences. Since I have a lot to catch up on, I will try to do quick summaries, heavy on pictures. If you're anything like me, it's easier to focus with pictures.

OKC Memorial Half Marathon

Welcome to my life, Siri.
Bible verse the morning of.
Thanks God for the reminder!

Red socks were sold out so I had to use red sharpie.
Sometimes the ghetto version is better!
On Saturday April 28, 2013 I had my first OKC Memorial Marathon experience, including the honor of singing the National Anthem.
Coach Ryan taught us this trick -
when it's cold pre-race, wear a garbage bag!

In light of the Boston Marathon bombing a month prior, singing the National Anthem had special significance.  This was the first time I heard several choppers buzzing around while I sang. Although it was early and chilly, I think the performance went well!

The Run

I loved winding through downtown OKC with a barrage of people. I almost felt like I was part of a river of people with a momentum propelling me forward.

My favorite part would have to be all of the wonderful volunteers and spectators cheering on the runners.  It really helped me push through any fatigue.
Thanks for the pic, Coach Ryan!

I felt FANTASTIC through mile 6.  At mile 10 I hit a bit of a wall and wanted to slow down. Thankfully my running buddy JoLynn helped keep me motivated.  At mile 11 I got a second wind.  Not only did I pick up the pace but I helped motivate others. I literally told other runners, "we're almost done! Great job!".
Yeah, I'm cheap. I took a screenshot. 
All we want is chocolate milk!
When I spotted the finish line I started running faster and faster until I sprinted across the finish line. Although I had a moderate pressure on my knees, I did not feel any serious pain.  I had a great time and will likely do it again!

I met the REAL Astronaut John at PRO BIKE.
He was the first Native American in Space! Nerd moment.
I actually started my triathlon training earlier than usual, thanks to a slow start to storm season.  Needless to say, I did not train at all the last 2 weeks of May. I was lucky if I had more than 2 hours of sleep and remembered to eat something.
Earlier in the spring over the Scissortail bridge in OKC.
Flooded farm in Yukon AFTER the May 31 tornado. I love riding my bike in the country.

Tour de Cure
Bike buddies! I rode with Victoria for the first 5-10 miles.

"Tour de Cure" is a ride (not a race) that raises money for the American Diabetes Association.  This year's tour took place on Saturday, June 22.  Due to my lack of training I chose a safer distance of 30 miles. I am glad I did because it was a bit windy!

There were 3 major highlights of the tour.

1. The awesome water stop hosted by "My Dentist." This stop had everything! Fruit and cucumber waters, fruit on a stick and even gum (a luxury at water stops). They even hooked me up with free sunglasses!

2. Big Truck Tacos. Our tour included free food from this famous food truck. It was my first time trying the tacos and they were delicious!


Coming Up...

I'm gearing up for the El Reno Triathlons this weekend! Saturday is a sprint distance and Sunday is the Olympic distance.  Why two? Well, now that I have weekends off I can actually rest after racing! So I think I can handle two. We will see! I am excited.

Glen Miller of the El Reno Tribune interviewed me!
Check out the story here.
I will be racing in honor of all tornado victims. The pain I will feel on the course is nothing compared to the pain and heartache they have been through since late May.  If you are able, please come out Saturday and Sunday morning at Lake El Reno and cheer on the competitors! For directions click here. Triathlons are fun to watch!

Have a great week everyone! Stay cool and stay classy!