Saturday, July 13, 2013

El Reno Olympic Triathlon Forecast Update

Hello friends!  Here is a forecast update...showers and thunderstorms are likely tomorrow morning.  Be prepared for rain, possibly heavy rain during the race. There could be lightning in the vicinity.  You can check the latest radar at  On the plus side, temps will be in the 70's all day!  Best of luck and let's hope the rain stays light and the lightning stays away!

18Z NAM 4km (high res) showing possible future radar at 7AM...scattered t-storms.

18Z NAM 4km (high res) showing possible future radar at 9AM...storms likely.

Basically the rain will increase by mid-morning.  Thunderstorms are likely. Remember to not be outside when there is lightning. (Duh!)

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  1. Sorry I was not able to go watch you at El Reno. It's probably good though, I would probably give you some kind of a "stalker vibe" (heh, that's a joke).

    I think that you have the RSS thing is super cool, and I have your RSS feed in my "DiggReader". Did you know what the DiggReader is??? Another one is called "The Old Time Reader". I think you know this yes?? It's not a "reader" like the "Nook" or Kindle", you know that right?? BUt you need to make your blog where commenters can use "html tags". Can you do this Emily?? You are NOT a true geek until your commenters can use html tags in comments. OK???

    Looking forward to drooling over you on Monday. I haven't seen your TVforecast in many days, make it something that true creepers such as myself can enjoy, eh (semi-joke)??