Saturday, May 21, 2011

Junk in the Trunk, Dunk in the Tank

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I figured this title would catch some attention!  I am referring to my padded bike shorts, of course!  Each Saturday morning our TNT Tri group has a team practice.  This morning we met at Lake Hefner at 9:30am.  Getting up for a 9:30am workout is a training in itself for me.  I made the mistake of heading out the door without eating breakfast.  I figured the cheese fries I devoured the night before would carry over.  Not so much and it made it a bit more challenging to get around the Lake.  That and the Oklahoma WIND!  We all did 2 laps which is about 20 miles.  Then a new TNT friend, Jenna and I went for a short run.  I guess the practice of going from cycling to running is called "bricks."  Now I know why! It feels like you are not moving at all when you try to run!  I guess we were running at a decent pace for our first mile...but I know at this time there would be no way to run a half marathon after what I cycled...let alone 2.5 times that!  I guess it's something I will be working on!

Afterwards, I headed to volunteer at the second annual Rescue Day & Dog Wash to raise money for local animal shelters.  How did I help? The DUNK TANK, of course.  Man, I did not know what I was getting myself into!
I would have stayed in there all day had the water not been so freezing!!!  And let me tell you, it was the kids that dunked me the most....not the adults!  It was a fun event!  I loved seeing all of the dogs and their owners walking around, it reminds me of our family dog back home in Chicago.  Her name is Millie.
There were about a dozen local animal rescues and shelters at the event.  It made me so sad to know they don't have a home!  I wanted to take home a cocker spaniel from the Oklahoma Cocker Rescue.  But I know the kind of commitment dogs require, so I am waiting for the right time to adopt a new friend.  Once I cleaned up I headed to work where I covered 2 tornado warnings! Whew! It's been a long day! Time to watch my DVRed SNL with Lady Gaga and Justin Timberlake!

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  1. Hey! Here is something to add to your blog, I found out this morning that the event Saturday raised over $5000 with around 20 pets getting new homes with adoptions made or aplications started to get new homes. So compare that with last year raising only $2000 and 9 adoptions, I would say this year was a GREAT success and you were a part of that, so thanks again for helping out and would love to have you again next year if everything works out! (Next year I'll try my best to make sure ahead of time the water isn't a ice bath so it's a little more enjoyable for ya lol)