Friday, September 19, 2014

Redman Forecast Update - 8AM on Friday, September 19th!

Hello friends! Okay, who has been praying/wishing the rain away? Because it worked!
As I suspected last night, the weather computer models made a drastic change...for the better in our case!  It looks like the heavy rain will stay in Texas!  
Patchy fog may be possible in the morning. If that's the case we may have a mist but for the most part I'm expecting a dry start to the race (except for the swimming part - duh!). 

The only downside is that we will now have hotter conditions and some sun could peak through for the afternoon.  We will have a heat index to the low 90s in the afternoon.  The hotter temperatures and abundant moisture should result in showers and thunderstorms.  Lightning could be an issue if a storm develops close by.  Stay tuned for updates and happy CARB LOADING! Make sure to hydrate hydrate hydrate! If you aren't racing or volunteering, please come out and cheer on the athletes! It makes a world of a difference!  See you tomorrow!

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