Thursday, November 13, 2014

The End is Near

Please donate HERE to help fight leukemia and lymphoma!

OMG. After what seems like 1237189273918276094128 days of training and zero's finally here. THE IRONMAN IS HERE! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhHHHhhhhhhhHHHHHHHHH
And in the past few days, all of the donations have been coming in for The Go Mitch Go Foundation! HOW EXCITING!
Actually, I didn't make it rain at all...but a HUGE shout out to all of those who have donated any amount to the cause, including -
1. SONIC - $5,000
2. Organic Squeeze - $2,600

4. Reynolds Ford - $1,000
6. And Viewers Like You

The Final Hours

Let's recap the last adventures of our Go Mitch Go TEAM OKLAHOMA. I can't believe we are almost done! I call this my "Ironman baby." We've trained for 9 months and now we are about to have our baby on Sunday at 7:30am Arizona time...and it's going to be a long labor!

I've slacked on blogging to we will recap with pics. That's a lot more fun than just reading. 

*We did 100 miles! And a few 90 mile rides. We started with gloves and ear warmers and slowly shed the layers throughout the ride. We were truly blessed with beautiful October weather, including above normal temps.

El Reno Ride - The Cowboy mailbox.

What did you do this weekend? I rode my bike. All. Day. That's it.
Even when my butt hurt and my shoulders felt like knives were stabbing, you couldn't ignore the beauty around you!

* I talk to cows when I ride my bike. I say, "HI COWS!" Here is a cute, little baby cow. They stare at me. Some of them give me a look. I think they know I eat steak and burgers. Sorry :(
*We also ran a lot. This was a new milestone for me! For the first time, I could actually see myself doing a full marathon.  That's a good thing...because there is one in a full Ironman. Nutrition makes a world of a difference. I have a GU every 40 mins (I actually found a flavor I like - Jet Blackberry) and take 2 salt tabs per hour. BOOM. My knees hurt a bit but I DID IT!
Not bad given I don't consider myself a runner!
* Our early Saturday morning bike rides led to team bonding and cool surprises from nature.
We rode through THE FOG!

We loved our SAG support vehicle!
Our last ride longish ride to El RENO! Which means, "The Reno."

* We snot rocketed, peed in farm fields and looked like dorks - but we became close friends!
We swam in a very cold Lake Arcadia in November.

And looked like seals in our new neoprene caps!
* We improvised.
Sweet gas station sunglasses, Brett!
* We appreciated the journey.
Our last team bike ride!


My parents don't get this but they love
& support me nonetheless!
And now it's here. You know, when I signed up for this journey, I knew it would be hard but I also knew it would change me.  It's been a long, tough rode. I've been sore in places no one should talk about and I've had several weeks where all I did was work, workout, eat and sleep. Between the training and the fundraising, it was like I had 2 full time jobs. During our peak training, I was not a peach to be around. I would be exhausted all the time and when I came home I would be a butt.  I didn't socialize on the weekend because even if I could drink, I didn't want to drink. My body pretty much rejected it. All I wanted to do on my small amount of free time was sleep. My friendships, my sanity and my relationship with my Beyonce (what I call my fiance, Michael) all severely suffered. I cannot thank my family, friends, teammates and Beyonce for all of the support. And thank you to my employer, KFOR-TV, for the amazing support and coverage of this journey!
My sweet, handsome beyonce.
That being said, I don't think I've realized the true impact of this journey yet. I haven't even crossed the finish line yet and I know this experience has changed me for the better. I know God had all of us go through this journey for a reason. I'm not quite sure, but I feel like He is preparing me for something greater. I sure know it's strengthened my relationship with my future husband, Michael.

The Finish Line

There's this gospel song I've been listening to during my training called, "Strong Finish." And the lyrics say, "I'm going to have a strong finish because I have strong faith."  This will be my anthem to cross the finish line.  People have been asking me, "are you ready?" And I can't say yes with certainty because I have never worked out for 16 hours straight! But I trust my training. At peak training, I ran 18 miles on a Friday afternoon and then turned around the next morning and rode 70 miles.  I can do this, with God's help!

I'm the most anxious about the very start. Although I am a strong swimmer, you start in the water with 2100 people! It will seriously be like the Titanic. I better be Rose instead of Jack.

The bike should be rather flat. I will have time to think and relax on the bike. Although the first few hours may be a bit chilly. I know my shoulders are going to kill by mile 80 but I've dealt with that before. I will be ready to give my butt a break by mile 112.

The run should be interesting. I think I will feel fine for the first 3-5 miles and then I will think, oh crap. How am I going to do this? The answer is one step at a time. My plan is to run a mile and then walk through the aid station. LORD HELP ME.

I just need to remain present and not think too far ahead. I am going to try my best to remember the moment. Other people have told me this is the REWARD for all of the hard work. My coach said the race won't be as hard as our training. WE WILL SEE.

I am racing for my aunt Liz and for anyone and everyone impacted by leukemia and lymphoma. My mom, dad, brother, aunt, cousin and fiance will all be there.
Little me & my Aunt Liz

Prayers will be greatly appreciated! Please pray all day on Sunday for all of the athletes. Thank you so much for all of your support and donations! It's not too late to donate!

Please donate HERE to help fight leukemia and lymphoma!

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