Monday, May 28, 2012

Back in Business

Hello, friends!  I am training again! It's challenging but exciting.  I've concluded I am a better person when I train for a race.  I am focused, in shape, and the training hours keep me out of trouble...for the most part :)  You should try it!  Train for a race this summer!  I've been doing numerous rides, swims, and runs over the past few months so I will fill you in on the highlights.

Mother's Day Haul

Nothing says Mother's Day like a 40 mile ride out in the country!  We didn't have a 5pm newscast on Mother's Day so I decided to go for a ride.  I went to the Oklahoma Bicycle Society's Wednesday night route that starts at Route 66 park and rides out into the Yukon countryside.

Oklahoma!  Where the wind comes sweeping down the plains...and the waving wheat...
Instead of looping around...I just kept going straight.  Before I knew it...I was in El Reno! Wow!  It was a beautiful day with warm temps in the 80s, mostly sunny skies, and light winds.  I turned around and headed back to Route 66 Park.

I stopped a few times to admire century farms, goats, and these cows.  Maybe this chatterbox spent too much time alone, but I actually talked to the cows in my goofy voice reserved only for dogs and babies.  They seemed mildly amused.
My new friends! I wanted a cow for a pet when I was in 5th grade.  Doesn't quite work in the suburbs of Chicago.

Team Jo & Em Returns!

Joleen and I are back in the saddle, so to speak, for another charity.  This time the American Diabetes Association's local chapter of Tour de Cure asked Joleen and me to be the celebrity riders for the event.  We are trying to recruit people for our team.  If you know how to ride and own a can join!  The ride will take place in Mustang on Saturday, June 24th.  You can choose from 4 different distances.  If you'd like to join or team or donate click HERE.  In an effort to get new members, we've been holding a few group rides.  We tried our first one two Sundays ago.  Unfortunately, there were thunderstorms so we had to call it due to lightning.  Thank you to all who came out!

First Flat...Wah Wah

Last Tuesday I met up with my good friend and training buddy, Janna Pratt at Route 66 Park.  I took Michael Jackson (my bike) out of my trunk and to my dismay, I had a flat!  Unlike previous flats, it did not ruin my day.  I calmly recalled how to fix a flat and...
It was a success!

We did a 30 mile ride and then ran 2 miles.  This is what triathletes call a BRICK work out...when you ride and then run immediately after.  I'm pretty sure it's called "BRICKS" because your legs feel like a big ol' pile of bricks.

Okay...that's enough catching up for now!  Happy Memorial Day and thank you to all those who have served and continue to serve today.  It's because of you that we can live freely today in the great United States of America!

I'll try and stay on top of my game with blogging.  Talk to you soon!


  1. Emily, I like you, agree that I feel like a better person when I'm training for something. I would really like to train for a half ironman triathlon but can't ever seen to find a good training schedule. Which one did you use? What do you recommend? I am also always looking for good groups to go ride with are there any you could suggest? I greatly appreciate any help/advise you can provide.


  2. It was a challenge for me, it has been 45 years since I last rode a pedal vehicle, not bad for a 60 year old. I joined the Em & Jo team for a cause and to get back into shape. Em needs to get me a cake though, my birthday is the day after the Tour de Cure. It was fun battling the wind too on the river, reminds me when I'm on my motorcycle and leaning into the wind.
    David Wallis

  3. Hi, Able! I'm not hardcore at training...I just try and follow the rule 2 work outs of each TRI sport - swim, bike, run per week and one day of rest. If you want to get a training plan, you can buy one from Ryan Ellis was my coach last year. We had a training plan free through Team in Training. You could always join Team in Training, get free coaching and raise money for a great cause! In terms of group rides...check out the Oklahoma Bicycle Society. It's great! They taught me how to use a road bike! Best of luck.

  4. David, I'm so glad you are on our team! Happy early birthday!