Friday, June 1, 2012

Route 66 Sprint TRI Forecast

Hi, friends!  Since I am in the triathlon/cycling/running community I try to forecast for races...especially the ones I am participating in!  And because I LOVE weather!

So here is my forecast for Saturday, June 2, 2012
7AM - 30% T-storms, Low 60s, South wind 5 mph
9AM - 20% T-Storms, Mid-60s, South wind 5-10 mph
11AM - Mid-70s, South wind 5-10 mph

Here's one high res model pic of around race time.  It's only one model (4km NAM)...but shows storm activity staying in Western OK.  However, the actual atmosphere is a bit more complex than most models can handle considering we had storms on Friday.  These storms leave what meteorologists call "outflow boundaries."  Storms leave small wind shift lines, like mini cold fronts.  Depending on the upper levels and mid levels of the atmosphere, new storms can develop along these boundaries.  For the most part though, storms should occur overnight and wrap up around morning...let's hope so!

Due to the rain, the water may be a degree cooler than previously measured.  Thankfully, the winds are forecast to be light and we should have a cool start in the morning.  So as long as there is no lightning in the vicinity, it seems like a great race day!


Picture from the Kingfisher Fire Department
In terms of my training I haven't fit in much this week due to severe weather and another HUGE hail storm hitting the Metro.
* My poor Taurus from the LAST major hailstorm in 2010 *
This is what happened to my car during the last  monster hail storm on May 16, 2010.  Yeah, it totaled my car.  This time around, we shuffled things around at the station and I was able to park mine inside...and for that, I feel blessed.

For this hail storm we mainly had downed trees at the house.  Many people were out of power for days so we were lucky.

At least my roommate's dog (and my doggy niece) Maggie enjoyed the debris!

Recent Training

So no major rides this week but last Saturday I went on a bike ride with the Red Rider's Team leader, Dave Thomas (like Wendy's!) for Tour de Cure for a group ride with a few of the "Team Jo & Em" riders.  Click here to join our team...or donate to the American Diabetes Association!
We had a few new cyclists (yay!) so we did the short, 13 mile loop around the Chesapeake Boathouse. It's a nice trail!  It was very muggy and windy which gave an added challenge.

Dave, Frank, and I kept going and ended up doing 32 miles total!  I decided to go all out and turn it into a brick workout by adding a 2-3 mile run afterwards.  I felt great initially but was wiped later in the day!  I was also HUNGRY all day.  I forgot what it's like to train hard...but I kind of love it.

It was also my first time trying out AEROBARS.  Thanks to Astronaut John at Pro Bike Inc for putting them on MJ!  Aerobars are like antlers for a bike.  For a cyclist, it provides another way to rest your arms just to switch it up and make it more comfortable for longer rides.  It also makes you a bit more aerodynamic.  It's a little tricky at first...friends warned me to slowly move down to the aerobars.  You're not supposed to use them on group rides because it is harder to quickly react.  It is meant for races!  I will try and use it tomorrow for the Route 66 Tri.  I've found I only really like it when I am going a steady pace on smooth ground.

Stay tuned for an update on the Route 66 TRI! Woo hoo! Have a great weekend, everyone!

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