Friday, July 20, 2012

Color Me Rad? More like Color Me HOT

Hello, friends! So last Saturday morning my friend Lindsey and I did the "Color Me Rad" 5K.  She isn't much of a runner so we decided to walk the course (a lot of other people did too!).
This is the first year for this event as it travels around the country.  If you've seen pictures on facebook of people wearing "running" gear and crazy tutus, bright socks and covered in paint...they likely participated in this event.  It's like the 80's vomited on a 5k!  I saw a Groupon for this event about 3 months ago and thought it sounded like fun.  I've never done a 5k by itself so I thought this would be a great one to try.
Now, I don't like being a negative Nancy but this "race" needs a LOT of work.  This race made me appreciate the proper organization of all of my other races!  Here's the concept: you wear all white and about 5 times along the course the "bomb squad" pelts you with a "color bomb" comprised of a colored cornstarch material.  It's supposed to wash out easily and not be harmful to inhale.  I really enjoyed this part and couldn't get enough color!  And I will say, it does make for sweet pictures!  At the end, it felt like a rave....or how I feel a rave would look like (never been).
I love the free shades!

Here are my issues:
1. We started around 9:30 on an Oklahoma July morning.  It should have started WAYYYY earlier.  Don't mess with Oklahoma heat!
2.  I did not see any medics along the course but DID see several people getting sick from the heat.
3.  The race took place at the fairgrounds.  The course provided little shaded areas for people to rest.
4. There was only 1 water stop and the water was HOT!
5. They needed strict "waves" of racers.  Even if I wanted to run, there's no way.  It was too crowded and HOT!
6.  I cut my had while trying to breakdance for a free trucker hat at the end (yeah, that's right), went to the "first aid" sign for a bandaid and no one was there!  I asked a man where the "first aid" tent is and he pointed to the ambulance.  For real?
Fake First Aid

In conclusion, this race needs work.  It does make for some fun pictures though!  Maybe they should do this race in the fall instead!
I look like a Smurf/Avatar creature
Thankfully all the paint washed off! I think I scared Lindsey's doggie, Maggie, though!  This may be TMI- but I blew my nose later in the day and purple came out.  No joke.

Edmond Conquest 

Since I didn't work out much from the "race" I decided to join a group bike ride early the next morning.    One thing I've learned about cycling groups is that they start on time!  I have a bit of trouble being on time anywhere (voted 3rd most frequently late in high school - pride point) so it was quite the feat being exactly on time.  However, by the time I got my bike out, put on my shoes and helmet, the group already left.  I pedaled to the metal and tried to catch up, but alas, I lost them in Nichols Hills.
At this point I decided to do my own thing so I kept riding east on Wilshire.  I ended up traveling north through Edmond.  Don't ride your bike through central or east Edmond! Ever!  A few drivers nearly killed me!  Somehow I meandered north and then west and ended up on the Redman bike course from last year.  
I ended up back at Lake Hefner around noon, exhausted mainly from the heat.  I managed to churn out a 2-3 mile run to make it a nice BRICK workout.  Whew!  What a day!

Alright, friends!  That's enough for today.  I have lots more to talk about including a new bike, new shoes, and American Idol! So stay tuned and have a great weekend!


  1. I didn't personally go to the ColorMeRad event but I had friends who did. They said the same things, no food/beverage vendors, water stations or sense of organization at all. They were disappointed. On a fun note though I was shopping at Super Target that afternoon when a few runners came in. At first I thought these people had extreme tattoos because they were all blue as smurfs!

  2. Next time you should hire a few friends to come with small ice chests and stagger themselves along the course so they can give you fresh COLD water...

    I know you can't....but that probably been a sight to see ya like that on the show givin the weather report like that. (-;

    yes...don't ride through Edmond, late in the day... you ride through...gotta do it really really early or really really late, when there is less traffic. In the middle of the night, there's hardly any traffic on the streets.


  3. don't ride through Edmond when you are alone...may not be as bad if you are in a crowd.


  4. It wasn't that bad. It was what it was! We brought a cooler with cold water so we didn't have to rely on them. The hot water on the course was worthless but seriously, water on a course that was only 3.1 miles?

    It's all what you make of it and we had a blast....along with about 7000 other people.

  5. I have one of those on my awesome bike. Sweet!

  6. I just ran this race recently and it was so cold where we were. I'd take the cold over our heat any day though so I was happy with that. I didn't actually get hungry during the course (even after eating only a few almonds for breakfast) but I drank my bottle of water til the end. I didn't mind that it was a little out of place and slightly unorganized, I loved it for what it was and I wasn't expecting a lot given their carefree nature on their website. It was a race to be goofy and have fun and we did just that. I'll be doing it again next year and I can hardly wait!