Friday, July 13, 2012

Just Du It

Or should I say, Do the in DUATHLON!

Last Sunday, July 8th, I participated in my first duathlon.  What is a duathlon?  It's where you run, bike, then run again.  It's like a triathlon except you swap out the fun part (swimming) for running.  I'm going to be honest....running is my least favorite out of the three tri practices so I was not very excited about this race.  I like to try new challenges and my friend hooked me up with a free entry so I thought, "why not?".  If anything, it would be a great practice run.

The race took place at Lake Stanley Draper.  We ran out of the marina parking lot counterclockwise around the lake and looped back to transition zone to get our bikes.  It is a 3K (1.86 mile) run.  I traded my running visor for a bike helmet, swapped my shoes, grabbed my sunglasses and headed out for the bike course.

The bike course circled clockwise around Lake Stanley Draper.  I rode Draper numerous times last summer but for some reason I always went counter clockwise so this was a different adventure.  The 24K (14 mile) course started out with steep hills.  One hill kicked my butt and I slowed down to 10 mph.  I'd say I conquered the other hills fairly well.  I believe I averaged 18-20 mph.  I am noticing an improvement in my cycling.  A big difference from last year is that I can now say that I truly enjoy cycling.  A non-cyclist friend of mine says it's a "cult."  I could see that.  Looks like I'm a part of the cult!  But I won't drink kool-aid. Bad joke.

Thankfully, Mother Nature cooperated with light winds.  It was muggy but at least the race started at 7:30am so the temps weren't unbearable.  We rode into the transition zone and once again, I swapped my helmet for the visor, switched shoes and headed for the run course.  I knew the second run would hurt a bit more after working my legs hard for an hour or so but I also knew I only had a few miles until the finish line.  The run course had a few hills but nothing terrible.  I usually try to find someone ahead of me with a similar pace to keep me moving at a good clip.  I like to push it towards the finish line.  A few people cheered my name and it really gave me what I needed to fly across the finish.  If you ever want to volunteer for a race, you should do it!  The cheering and encouragement helps by leaps and bounds!

This time I did not feel like I was having a heart attack but I did push hard through the finish line.  I ended up with a time of 1:17:59. I received 1st in my age group (25-29) but I do not know how many people entered in my age group.  As soon as I figure it out I will let you know!  That is another reason not to turn 30 - you enter one of the toughest age groups!  I have one more year to compete in this division.
Remember my training buddy Janna from previous posts? This is her husband, Justin!  He is also a triathlete.  They switch off on races.  Hardcore. 

After cheering others on and getting something to eat and drink I put my bike in my trunk and locked my car...with the keys in it! Idiot!  Thank goodness by buddy, Joleen Chaney came to my rescue with my set of spare keys.  Note to self, always keep the car doors unlocked when you are putting your bike away!

All in all it was a great experience.  I think I will do the DU again one day.  My next race is COLOR ME RAD tomorrow morning.  It's going to get messy in a good way.  Stay tuned for the post and have a great weekend, friends!

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  1. Keep kicking butt Emily!! Good luck tomorrow!