Friday, September 21, 2012

Goal Times

Hello, friends!  Since this is my 2nd time doing a Half Ironman, I think I should come up with goal times.  I will shoot for these times but in general, I just try to do my best and have fun.

Here are my times from last year:

Swim: 40:22    
T1: 3:22  
Bike: 3:15:02   
T2: 1:32  
Run: 2:24:32          
Total Time: 6:24:47  

And here are my goal times:

Swim Goal: 38:00
T1: 3:00
Bike: 3:10
T2: 1:15
Run: 2:18
Total Time: 6:16  ...not sure if I did that math right but it seems right?!

Ahh! I am nervous but excited.  Best of luck to all of my friends participating. Thank you for all of the well wishes.  I will be getting ready to sing the National Anthem in about 12 hours.  God will get me through this one!

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